Choosing a Sports Bra is a Sport in Itself!

    Choosing a Sports Bra is a Sport in Itself!

    I know we are all used to our sweaty old sports bras that give us a major case of uniboob, but there's a whole other word out there! A world of defined and  separated boobs, a world of breathable fabric, a world where its possible to work out without looking and feeling like the ghost of sports bras past.
    Sport bras don't all fit into just one category; like regular bras, sports bras come in different shapes and sizes. Depending on your bra size, and the type of activities you take part in, you have to pick the bra that is gonna support your girls better than the rest!. So many sports bras can also be altered or fashioned in different styles, in order to adjust the level of support needed for different activities. For example, if you do everything from walking to the fridge to running marathons, choose a sports bras with multi-way straps. This will allow you to switch to a racerback when you're in need of a little more support! 



                                 Prima Donna  - The Game Wired Sports Bra


    If you're a girl with a bigger chest, you should also consider a thick band, which will give you that extra support and structure from the front, sides, and back. This is also going to prevent that annoying folding that sometimes happens to bands when we move our bodies around a lot.
    As well as a thicker band, wider straps also help to lift the ladies and distribute their weight more evenly, so you don't end up with those annoying bra-strap battle-scars on your shoulders!


                                Anita - Extreme Control Plus Non Wire Bra

    Now that you've learned how to pick and adjust the perfect sports bra, it's time for the ultimate test... THE BOUNCE TEST!

    The bounce is the best way to make sure nothing is going to be breaking free and trying to escape during your morning run. Every time you buy a new sports bra, make sure to bounce... yes I said it, bounce. Although you may look like an insane person, *correction*, will look like an insane person, it's the best way to judge the support and fit of a sports bra.

    So don't be ashamed to start bouncing up and down in the middle of a store, you'll be laughing later when you're the only girl running down stairs freely, without saying "ow, ow, ow, ow."



    Now you are an expert sports bra buyer, and I better never see you with a uniboob ever again!!!  To recap, look for thick and supportive bands, wide and adjustable straps, utilize multi-way straps for different activity needs, and always make sure to bounce. With these tips and tricks you'll be excited to go the gym... ok maybe not, but at least you and your two best gal pals will be supported until the end.

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    TTYL Brahive :)


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