Christmas Hotel Room Fun! | BraTopia

    Christmas Hotel Room Fun! | BraTopia

    "One of my favourite Christmas movies is Four Christmases. The opening scene is so fun where Vince Vaughn and Reese Witherspoon are role-playing in a bar like they don't know each other - then proceed to get it on in the bathroom."

    "We understand that not everyone can get away for a weekend or a hot holiday. There is joy and novelty escaping to a hotel room. Nothing from home is there, you are away from your to-do list, and there is a perfectly made bed that didn't require any of your efforts. The moment I check into a hotel no matter where it is - I can feel the stress leaving my body. If there are grandparents in town - ask them to keep the kids for a night. Find a hotel room deal (most business travel has stopped until the New Year) - and get away. Go out for dinner, drink too much, flirt with each other and find something to shock your partner with. This is where we can help. Couples who play together stay together - after all you have to do, to make this season special - treat yourselves."


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