EMPREINTE: The Brand We Love | BraTopia

    EMPREINTE: The Brand We Love | BraTopia

    Cassiopee Seamless Full Cup Bra in Grenat

    Empreinte has become one of France's most prestigious lingerie brands for high-end bras and lingerie. The brand's main idea is "to make women feel confident and happy with their bodies thanks to corsetry which combines great support with French elegance." The brand started its unique journey in 1946, has created stunning and unbeatably comfortable lingerie.



    Ginger Low Neck Bra in Vert Profond

    The brand has changed not only the bra and lingerie market but also the rules of beauty for curvy women ever since; they used to believe there wouldn't be good-looking bras for larger cups. However, surprisingly, Empreinte's bras are available up to H cups in multiple seductive colours, offering a wide range of bras so that every woman can enjoy Empreinte's beautiful collections.



    What else? The most impressive feature of Empreinte is quality. The embroidery is all handmade, and it's invisible under any outfit. Wearing a cashmere sweater or a dress isn't a problem with Empreinte.



    Explore Empreinte's innovative collections at BraTopia.

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