We are bra experts: the Einsteins, Michael Phelpses, and Meryl Streeps of the lingerie world.

Let us introduce you to Calgary's hottest Lingerie store, BraTopia. We specialize in high quality lingerie for women of every size. If you're tired of uncomfortable underwire that digs into your ribs, gaping cups that can fit your phone, wallet, and car keys inside, or straps that leave battle scars on your shoulders, this is the store for you!

Upon entering BraTopia, you'll be assisted by one of our professional fitters who will most likely have to let you in on the little secret that you are actually a 34C, even though the ten year old bra you came in wearing is a 38A. We are bra experts: the Einsteins, Michael Phelpses, and Meryl Streeps of the lingerie world.

"We are extremely passionate about making sure that every women leaves our store feeling like they've been seen and heard, that there is lingerie made just for them that fits and looks amazing."

Let's be real, women are incredible, and they deserve to feel incredible. In the age of Instagram influencers, TikTok trends, and of the infamous Kar-Jenner empire, it is harder now than ever before for women to feel worthy, beautiful, and confident in their own skin. At BraTopia we are not afraid of real bodies. We uphold the fact that cellulite is sexy, we maintain that all boobs deserve support, and we make bras bigger than 32B that aren't only beige, nude, neutral, and if you're lucky, grey.

So come check us out at our new Bridgeland location at 102 4th Street NE, right in the heart of one of Calgary's most vibrant neighbourhoods. We can't wait to see you, and help you finally break up with that old beige bra that never deserved you. Call (403) 547-1303 to book an appointment today at Calgary's most inclusive, most supportive -pun intended-, and highest quality lingerie store.

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