We are BraTopia


    "When I had the vision for BraTopia prior to opening... it was born from a place of feeling defeated or less than in what was offered by the retailers. I didn't like the feeling of walking into a store seeing imagery of exceptionally skinny models, then being told there was nothing in my size or what was in a close size didn't fit with comfort and support." - Colette Hamon, Founder & CEO of BraTopia


    As women, we can be very practical beings, and every woman thinks she needs a beige bra. The truth is, nobody needs a beige bra only. Regardless of size and shape, there is always something that is sexy, fashionable, but also comfortable and supportive. We work hard to bring those offerings into our store, as we want women to feel sexy and open in their full essence. Not just for bras and lingerie, we also offer cup-sized swimwear as we want women to feel confident during swim shopping as well. Never miss out on life or special moments just because you feel you don't have a 'bikini body'. Every body is a bikini body at BraTopia.



    Your breasts are as unique as you are, and we are here to celebrate those delightful truths by helping you find your correct bra size. Let's let out a collective groan on behalf of breasts everywhere. It's a travesty that we must put an end to. Whatever you're rocking up top, rest assured we've got the bra for you and our fit experts would be absolutely delighted to help you find it. 

    We have stayed passionate about this business because we are truly the guides for women that have never had a proper fitting. There is nothing greater than seeing the reaction of a woman that now loves the lingerie she is in. We truly are changing the world one fitting at a time.